Internationale Dampfer-Welt(en) – Ausgabe 37/2017

Internationale Dampfer-Welt(en) – Ausgabe 37/2017 INTRO In Zypern wurde beschlossen eine Steuer auf Liquids einzuführen. In Deutschland geht die Wettbewerbszentrale gegen kreative Verkaufsangebote nikotinhaltiger Basen vor. (Anm. d. Red.) BLOGS [US] Carl V. Phillips: “Sunday Science Lesson: Debunking the claim that only 16,000 smokers switched to vaping (England, 2014)” Sonntags Wissenschaftslektion: Entlarvt – die Behauptung […]

Short information about E-cigarettes for consumers

Professor Bernd-Michael Mayer’s “Short Information for Physicians” about e-cigarettes was widely circulated and well received. After two tv reports, many anxious consumers sent in questions which Mayer is now answering in this new document. Download it here: 2017_Prof_Dr_Mayer_E-cigs_Information_for_consumers Prof. Dr. Bernhard-Michael Mayer is toxicologist at the University of Graz. In this paper he answers many […]

Short information about E-cigarettes for physicians

Many smokers who want to switch to vaping or have done so already, ask their doctors for information about vaping and its effects to health. Unfortunately, many medics don’t have sufficient or even, correct information on this topic. Most of them just rely on the biased statements and intended fearmongering of the WHO Collaboration Center […]

Tax on Vaping Products: Result of the EU-Consultation: NO

From 17th November 2016 until 16th February 2017, the EU Commission carried out an EU-wide survey on the reorganization of the taxation of tobacco and related products. As vaping products are also listed and regulated within the TPD2, they have been included in the survey. IG-ED e.V. have reported several times (articles are in German): […]

IG-ED: Statement on taxing vape products

As we reported before, the EU Commission published a survey on taxing tobacco products in November 2016. Among all tobacco-related topics this survey also focused on the question of whether vape products in the EU should be subject to taxation, and if so, how they should be introduced. Additionally to the standardized questions which allow […]

Thank The Children!

Since the dawn of time youth has a privilege. The privilege to rebel against ossificated, corrupt, intolerant, lying, cheating, oppressive systems. Especially if the ruling classes, mobs, or ideologists have betrayed themselves and their initial goals on their way to predominance. Former “champions” succumbing to the lure of filthy lucre and power. It is the […]