Short information about E-cigarettes for consumers

Professor Bernd-Michael Mayer’s “Short Information for Physicians” about e-cigarettes was widely circulated and well received. After two tv reports, many anxious consumers sent in questions which Mayer is now answering in this new document. Download it here: 2017_Prof_Dr_Mayer_E-cigs_Information_for_consumers Prof. Dr. Bernhard-Michael Mayer is toxicologist at the University of Graz. In this paper he answers many […]

Tax on Vaping Products: Result of the EU-Consultation: NO

From 17th November 2016 until 16th February 2017, the EU Commission carried out an EU-wide survey on the reorganization of the taxation of tobacco and related products. As vaping products are also listed and regulated within the TPD2, they have been included in the survey. IG-ED e.V. have reported several times (articles are in German): […]

Prof. Dr. Mayer – Electronic Cigarettes and Airway Infections – Update

Archived version of Prof. Dr. Bernhard-Michael Mayer’s blog post. Originally published on 08.02.2015 Recently it has been reported that mice exposed to nicotine containing vapor of electronic cigarettes exhibited reduced immune defense to bacterial infection . From the mouse data, the authors infer that consumption of electronic cigarettes may compromise the immune response of humans. […]