Prof. Dr. Mayer – Safety of electronic cigarettes and the Loch Ness Monster

Archived version of Prof. Dr. Bernhard-Michael Mayer’s blog post. Originally published on 04.06.2014 This is the famous “Surgeon’s Photograph,” showing a monster that allegedly lives in the lake Loch Ness in Scotland and is often cheerfully called by its nickname, Nessie. Despite this picture and several pretended sightings, there is no genuine evidence for the […]

Thank The Children!

Since the dawn of time youth has a privilege. The privilege to rebel against ossificated, corrupt, intolerant, lying, cheating, oppressive systems. Especially if the ruling classes, mobs, or ideologists have betrayed themselves and their initial goals on their way to predominance. Former “champions” succumbing to the lure of filthy lucre and power. It is the […]