A last Plea before the ENVI-Voting

Ladies and Gentlemen,

shortly before the votings on July 10 and 11, 2013 we contact you again to emphatically draw your attention once more to the concerns of the IG-ED in terms of the Commission proposal and the amendments which are known so far, representing many EU citizens.

A regulation within the Tobbaco Product Directive, which is legally obligated to implement the standards of the WHO-FCTC (Framework Convention of Tobacco Control) is highly inadequate for nicotine containing products like the e-cigarette.

An expansion according to WHO FCTC on apparently related products which are much less dangerous is by no means in agreement with the objectives of the proposal with regard to public health. A number of scientists already pointed out in front of the ENVI Commitee that e-cigarettes are less harmful and - in their current or an only mildly regulated form - a very effective harm reduction.

There are existing EU regulations in place already which create sufficient safety for us consumers, particularly as the dangers of nicotine are often depicted considerably exaggerated.

We would welcome a proprietary regulation, combining the existing rules, for the E-Cigarette. The objections entered by JURI (particularly No. 74) show very clearly that completely sufficient rules and standards are in existence already.

So again we strongly request: Use the opportunity to establish and support a considerably less dangerous alternative to tobacco consumption. You can do this best with a proportionate regulation focusing on the existing market and on the people.

This open letter will also be published on our website.

IG-ED e. V.

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