Ideology replaces Common Sense: Historical Chance for less Deads from Tobacco Smoke to be Undermined

This letter was sent to all members of the European Parliament. Ladies and Gentlemen, the IG-ED e. V. is the first independent, non-profit consumers’ association of German-speaking vapers (as the users of the “e-cigarette” call themselves). We are working voluntarily, unpaid and independent from manufacturers and retailers to inform about the e-cigarette and rectify the […]

A last Plea before the ENVI-Voting

Ladies and Gentlemen, shortly before the votings on July 10 and 11, 2013 we contact you again to emphatically draw your attention once more to the concerns of the IG-ED in terms of the Commission proposal and the amendments which are known so far, representing many EU citizens. A regulation within the Tobbaco Product Directive, […]