Prof. Dr. Mayer – Respiratory Societies on Electronic Cigarettes: Farewell to Science, Reason, and the Hippocratic Oath

Archived version of Prof. Dr. Bernhard-Michael Mayer’s blog post. Originally published on 02.10.2014 In this post, I will comment on the Position Statement of the Forum of International Respiratory Societies (FIRS) on electronic cigarettes, published in the distinguished American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine . In my opinion, this statement is extremely biased […]

Thank The Children!

Since the dawn of time youth has a privilege. The privilege to rebel against ossificated, corrupt, intolerant, lying, cheating, oppressive systems. Especially if the ruling classes, mobs, or ideologists have betrayed themselves and their initial goals on their way to predominance. Former “champions” succumbing to the lure of filthy lucre and power. It is the […]