ENVI-Workshop May 7, 2013 – „We are making history“ (english version)

The short term invitation for this important workshop was a quite exciting event for the IG-ED.

As we had already provided many facts to the MEPs upfront and as our time allotted for speaking was 5 minutes only, we focussed on the most important details from consumer view.

We know that many of you watched the live broadcast, the recording can now be found here.

Generally some of the MEPs seemed well-informed concerning our topic, knew about different actions of the community and asked many critical questions. From these facts a fair amount of scepticism against the Commission's proposal can be derived.

Linda McAvan (MEP, rapporteur and host of the workshop), Martin Seychell (Commission) and Dr. Roberto Bertollini (WHO) passed phrases to one another, desperately trying to fortify their view that only a regulation as medicinal product would be able to assure safety and quality of the products. The statement that in fact they do not strive for a ban was repeated often and loudly - but this is in disagreement to our opinion: the planned regulation as pharmaceutical product will destroy the e-cigarette in its current form.

We were impressed by the impartial contributions of Dr. Jean-Francois Etter as a speaker, Dr. Riccardo Polosa and the MEP Chris Davies from the audience. They advocate for a distinct product regulation putting forward quality controls. Beacause it is recognized that the e-cigarette is the less dangerous alternative in comparison with tobacco products, thus providing the chance to reduce the number of 700,000 tobacco deads drastically. "We are making history" - said Dr. Polosa - if we succeed in realizing this chance to save lifes!

Since this workshop it is obvious the we vapers - over all portals - succeeded in establishing a well organised community. More than ever we should now strive for an even stronger company in order to enhance our associations' collaboration all over Europe.

Of particular interest are also the informal contacts around the meeting, showing us new perspectives to improve our network.

Finally we have to emphasize that we are distancing ourselves very clearly from any threats and similar devious attacks against persons and / or organisations.

SWOF - EU ENVI E-cigarette workshop - May 7, 2013

3 Gedanken zu „ENVI-Workshop May 7, 2013 – „We are making history“ (english version)

  1. This is WAR!!!

    Since the first e-cigarettes appeared on global market, there has been many attempts to bring them down. Taking under consideration very fast development of this new product and constantly increasing demand from numerous smokers around the world, e-cigarettes have become serious threat to some large companies. Unremitting pursuit to ban new vapor experience has turned into relentless war in many countries.

  2. I read this article completely about the comparison of most recent and previous technologies connected with e-cigarets, many thanks

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