IG-ED: Statement on taxing vape products

As we reported before, the EU Commission published a survey on taxing tobacco products in November 2016. Among all tobacco-related topics this survey also focused on the question of whether vape products in the EU should be subject to taxation, and if so, how they should be introduced. Additionally to the standardized questions which allow […]

E-Liquids sind keine Medikamente: Info über OVG-Urteile geht an alle Europaparlamentarier

Die IG-ED schickt den Text der Pressemitteilung des OVG Münster vom 17.09.2013 an alle Abgeordneten der Europäischen Parlaments. Dabei liegen uns diesmal vor allem die nicht-deutschsprachigen Politiker am Herzen, um auch ihnen die Aussage dieser für uns sehr erfreulichen Pressemitteilung nahezubringen – daher schreiben wir ausnahmsweise nur in englische Sprache. Three German Court Decisions: E-Cigarette […]

ENVI-Workshop May 7, 2013 – „We are making history“ (english version)

The short term invitation for this important workshop was a quite exciting event for the IG-ED. As we had already provided many facts to the MEPs upfront and as our time allotted for speaking was 5 minutes only, we focussed on the most important details from consumer view. We know that many of you watched […]